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Fine Art


Here at Gemini Digital Colour we specialise in producing the highest standards of fine art printing. Fine art printing or giclée printing as it is often referred is a service we offer to artists, galleries and publishers which allow us to produce limited edition prints of the highest quality using the finest quality art papers. 


The word giclée is a French term, meaning “squirted”. Not especially poetic in itself, it is the common name in the art world for the highest quality, colour inkjet printing on to specially-coated fine art papers and canvasses.


Giclée prints are in fact widely regarded as the highest quality reproductions currently available and as such are commonly found in museums, art galleries, and photographic galleries. What sets the process apart is the ability to print on a wide variety of watercolour papers, canvas, and photographic papers that are similar to the materials used by the artist.

Our skilled fine art studio prides itself on its keen artistic eye and its meticulous attention to detail. Combine this with Epson print technology, Hahnemühle and Somerset fine art papers and canvas along with our colour management ­system and technical expertise and the results are art prints that are virtually indistinguishable from the original artwork.


Our Epson fine art printers use 10 light-fast colours to deliver breath-taking accuracy in reproducing your original artwork. This means superb colour matching, delicate tones and colour graduations are faithfully reproduced. The enhanced colour range means even the most vibrant of pigments can be replicated with great accuracy.


With the emphasis firmly on small print runs and limited editions, we cater for many self-publishing artists as well as leading fine art publishers. We are here to make your art work for you and to assist more artists and publishers to get their work into print. Our aim is simple – to work as closely as possible with artists and publishers to create a genuine partnership and to develop a creative collaboration.


We have worked closely with some incredible artists and photographers to reproduce stunning prints of their work. Here's a list of a few artists you may know:

Iwan Bala

Ceri Auckland Davis
Clive Gould

Janice Sylvia Brock

Ed Gold

Pip McGarry

Carol Kibble

David Light

Jacqueline Gaylard

Berren Rees

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