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Why Laminate your prints

Lamination is one of the only ways to protect your prints from smudges, fingerprints, stains and marks. It also increasing the durability of the paper. Not only does it keep your prints protected but it is also visually more attractive, especially if you want the colours to pop. It adds a different look depending on what laminate you chose.

What laminate can i have?

We offer a variety of laminates that have different properties and effects. They include, but not limited to:

  • Gloss Laminate - A popular choice as it allows the text and images to appear more crisp whilst offering good protection. Perfect for brochures and business cards.

  • Matt Laminate - Gives an elegant look and feel to the paper. Matt lamination softens the print, producing less contrast. Perfect for business cards.

  • Soft Touch Laminate - Does what it says on the tin! Soft touch laminate is unique and gives a soft, velvety feel. Perfect for business cards.

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